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How to see my Facebook Profile viewer?
09:44, 19.11.2020

You might be interested to know who is looking at your Facebook profile. But, FB never provides such an access to its users. Many users have claimed that they can know their Facebook profile viewer using the page source code called the InitialChatFriendsList. Facebook always maintains its users’ privacy, so they definitely try to keep its entire user’s data strictly confidential. You may receive a notification whenever someone visits your Facebook profile. You can also use the FB’s "Privacy Shortcuts" to know who has viewed your profile.

Many iPhone and iPad users have faced a situation in which they are unable to receive Facebook push notifications on their iOS device. There are several possible reasons for why are my notifications not showing up on iPhone and various troubleshooting methods to resolve this issue. Before applying any such method, check whether the "Allow Notifications" option is enabled in the settings of your profile. If you are still facing Facebook notifications not working on your iPhone, delete the Facebook app and then reinstall it again from the App Store.
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