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VivaCell-MTS. Three Decades in a Basement
12:40, 17.09.2019

The Sukiasyan family from Gyulagarak village, Lori region, has been living in a damp and cold basement for
years. Their wish to live a decent life was left unfulfilled when the 1988 earthquake struck. It became nearly
impossible to build a home even after many years following the disaster.
For three decades, the Sukiasyans’ son, Arman, together with his parents and sisters, and later with his wife and
children, went through many hardships. He has tried to take steps, but with the lack of financial means, chances
were little he could do that; the walls of the semi-constructed building were left under the old and deteriorating
roof. The weather in the region is damp and rainy damaging whatever remained in the house. Living in it had
turned dangerous with the walls completely covered in mold.
The problem of the socially vulnerable family appeared in the center of attention of VivaCell-MTS and the Fuller
Center for Housing Armenia. As a result of the support of the partners now the problem of the leaking roof is
solved. The rain showers are no more a threat for the family.
“I wouldn’t handle this if I tried alone. Thanks to the support, we replaced the roof in 4 days. I am glad my
children are under a safe roof. Now I may feel that we live a decent life,” said Arman.
“The house was in a horrible condition after the earthquake. We had some savings and tried to put the stone on
the stone. For a whole life, for 30 years, I have been living in a damp basement first with my children and later
with my grandchildren without any hope. Now everything has changed. Now we live full of new hopes and
dreams. I will send my grandchildren to the army from this house with good mood,” Arman’s mother, Gyulper
Sukiasyan said.
The Sukiasyans have been able to also address another danger threatening their children by renovating the room
with semi-dark and moldy walls with the help that came as part of support from partner organizations.
“Our partnership with VivaCell-MTS was initially focused on supporting families living in borderland villages,
but we should not neglect the issue of the disaster zone housing and the problem of other families in need of
housing. The priority for this family was to repair the roof; but with our investment, we were also able to solve
the problem of renovating the interior,” Fuller Center for Housing Armenia President Ashot Yeghiazaryan said.
These days, construction works are underway in various regions of Armenia as part of the partnership between
VivaCell-MTS and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia.

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