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Alcohol conducts electricity or not? Does 70% alcohol conduct electricity?
18:10, 30.08.2022
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What is printed circuit cleaning alcohol?

When you want to clean electronic circuit boards, it is important to look for the right type of printed circuit cleaning alcohol or the best chemical solution to clean the circuit board well so as not to short the circuit. your fragile electronic boards.

It is generally not recommended to use chemical chemicals with a high percentage of water or a poor evaporation rate to clean electronic boards, as a large percentage of water can cause chemicals to remain and cause the board to malfunction. contact electronic circuit containing water damage.

Alcohol conducts electricity or not? Does 70% alcohol conduct electricity?

Glucose and alcohol are not ionic bonds, rather alcohols are covalent compounds because the electron molecules are strongly bonded instead of being moved between atoms. «/p»

In addition, in order to conduct electricity, a substance must have free ions (For example, water) . For alcohol solvents, there are no free ions, so only H is not enough. Therefore, alcohol solvents do not conduct electricity.

wash electronics with alcohol, use alcohol to clean electrical appliances.

But, when using alcohol 70 or alcohol 90, there is the ability to transmit electricity because doing so in alcohol now contains water molecules. The ratio of water is about 30% for 70 degree alcohol and 10% for 90 degree alcohol.

Alcohol 70 degrees to wash electronic devices?

It is not recommended to use alcohol 70 degrees to clean electronic components because in the composition containing water will be able to burn the circuit and damage the electrical equipment in your home. Used in the medical industry and as a laboratory agent, but Industrial Acid Alcohol can be used to dissolve and remove light oils, fingerprints, water residues and sticky residues and or even mold.

For more information:

using alcohol cleaning and killing mold

How to use alcohol to kill mold

is it effective to use alcohol to kill mold? no?

for printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, you will find isopropyl alcohol used to wash away residue from recently soldered circuit boards or during PCB repair and rework.

IPA alcohol is also used to remove residues of coatings or adhesives from SMT. Curing cleaning with isopropyl alcohol is a common way to remove clumped adhesives from SMT surfaces, .

Isopropyl alcohol has a conductivity of 6 μS.m-1, which is almost zero. IPA alcohol is strongly used in electronic circuit board factories, workers mainly use IPA alcohol to clean printed circuits, video cards.vvv.

Mainly used in:

  • Industrial factories producing, washing electronic circuit boards, CNC machines, cleaning grease, ..
  • In addition, isopropyl alcohol is mainly used to dehydrate electrical components, paint removers, printed circuit oils, .


  • Isopropyl alcohol is extremely transparent and non-conductive
  • Quick evaporation time and absolutely no residue, scale.

wash the electronic circuit with alcohol

the method of using alcohol to clean electronic boards, remove glue, coatings, etc. is quality and cost-effective.

Note when using alcohol to clean electronic electronics

Only pure isopropyl alcohol (IPA alcohol) can be used to clean circuit boards and electronic components.

However, not all circuit board components are compatible with isopropyl alcohol cleaning. In particular, polycarbonate electronic components, typically in PCBs, seals and gaskets, are greatly damaged when exposed to isopropyl alcohol circuit cleaner.

it is better to Avoid using 99.5% isopropyl alcohol on these ingredients.

Compatibility chart of IPA electronic cleaning alcohol for certain materials, boards and components

Name of component componentpercent COMPATIBILITY
Aluminum Excellent
Buna-N quality
CPVC Excellent quality
Epoxy Very effective
Neoprene quality
Noryl Excellent
Phenolic Excellent quality
Cross-Linked PE quality
Polycarbonate Not good
Polypropylene good
Polystyrene Not good
PVC Not recommended
Teflon Excellent quality
Tygon good
Viton Excellent

Printing circuit using alcohol and acetone?

acetone is a stronger adhesive remover than isopropyl alcohol, for adhesive residues commonly used in electronics. But acetone also damages ABS plastic, the most common substance in electronics.

Avoid using acetone on polycarbonate, as acetone will cause the polycarbonate material to fog, soften and even scratch when it comes in contact with the plastic dropper.

is it better to clean the circuit with industrial ethanol or isopropyl alcohol?

Should not use purified alcohol ethanol industrial alcohol alternative because sometimes ethanol can leave an oil stain on the surface where it evaporates. These oil stains can then cause problems in high-value electronic boards.

Although isopropyl alcohol is slightly more expensive than ethanol, its superior purity properties make it the more standard choice. Of course when cleaning the most valuable electronic parts such as Sensors and semiconductor contact board components.

Storage isopropyl alcohol

Although isopropyl alcohol is largely considered safe when used correctly, it is a flammable solution, so precautions must be taken to prevent a bad situation from occurring. «/p»


  • Workplace must be properly ventilated to prevent accumulation of vapors, which can ignite.
  • Ventilation system must be explosion-proof.
  • Because isopropyl alcohol is highly flammable, it must be stored in a tightly closed container in a cool place. Keep away from sources of ignition such as heat, sparks and open flames.
  • IPA alcohol has an NFPA rating of 3, so it must be Stored in a cabinet or room designed for that type of dangerous circuit board component.

Personal protective clothing:

  • Isopropyl alcohol has a tendency to defat the skin, which means it draws protective oils from the skin and can lead to chapping, dryness, and allergies. Therefore, it is recommended to wear rubber gloves every time you want to use it.
  • Goggles or even a face shield should be worn if the user is spraying isopropyl product, or if splashing may occur.
  • Respirator may be used if ventilation is inadequate. High vapor concentrations should not be inhaled.

Read carefully the user manual (MSDS) - chemical safety data sheet MSDS.

Where to buy alcohol to clean electronic boards in tphcm?

You can buy 99.5% pure isopropyl alcohol, alcohol used in cleaning boards, cleaning electronic circuits at some drugstores, at some paint stores, this alcohol is available.

can 20 liters of alcohol cleaning circuit, cleaning alcohol for electronic boards

You are looking for a reputable and quality pure IPA alcohol supplier. Our company specializes in supplying ALCOHOL and all kinds of scale cleaning chemical , alcohol cleaning machine, alcohol cleaning circuit, cleaning components for industrial cleaning.

  • Laboratory grade - the most common grade for use in educational applications, but the exact amount of residue is unknown.
  • Purity Grade - also known as "pure" or "practical grade", does not meet official standards and is not pure enough for food, medicinal or medicinal use.
  • Technical grade - used for commercial and industrial purposes but not pure enough for use in food, medicine or pharmaceutical products of any kind.


  • 210 liters /160kg drum.
  • 25 liters/can and 5 liters/can.
  • 500ml spray bottle and 1 Liter spray bottle

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