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Latest progress of Dat Xanhhomes Riverside September 2022
08:29, 29.09.2022
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The project has not yet commenced construction. Not many machines have been pulled into the project yet. The basic project ground has been cleared, leveled, around the project is thought.

Sideline: Update progress of Nam Rach Chiec area, An Phu ward, District 2. Nam Rach Chiec is currently restarting with the Senturia An Phu project of investor Tien Phuoc – a project of townhouses, villas, shophouses. - The selling price is about 300 million/m². The resettlement area of Thu Thiem new urban area has also been built more than before.

The opposite side of Nam Rach Chiec residential area: The Global City urban area of Masterise Homes investor is being implemented with a very stable progress. Currently, the urban area is having great activities such as the recently held water music zone, attracting a large number of interested customers & investors.

Saigon Sports City area also has information that will be deployed early next year (2023) .

Around the "neighbors" of Datsinhhomes Riverside are gradually improving. The future of space in this whole area will become the most modern and synchronous in Thu Duc City

See more: https://datxanhhomesriverside.land/tien-do/thang-9-2022/

Latest progress of Dat Xanhhomes Riverside September 2022
Latest progress of Dat Xanhhomes Riverside September 2022
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Datxanhhomes Riverside
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