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How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 193?
13:51, 03.10.2022
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Error 193: 0xc1 occurs in QuickBooks when Windows fails to start the 'QuickBooksDBXX' service. This service is mandatory for the seamless functioning of the QuickBooks software. QuickBooks users can identify this problem by using the mailbag. One effective approach to getting rid of this error is by reinstalling your QuickBooks Desktop program.

There are other alternative approaches as well that can fix QuickBooks Error 193: 0xc1, which we shall be explaining in this article. To avoid missing any steps, make sure you carefully read through each section.

What are the different methods to fix QuickBooks Error 193: 0xc1?

There are several troubleshooting techniques that can be followed in order to get this QuickBooks error 193 ousted from the system.

Method 1: The Security Features need to be updated in Windows

The most probable reason behind this error is a conflict between outdated Windows components and the QuickBooks Desktop. Users are, therefore, recommended to get their copy of QuickBooks updated at the earliest.

• From the Start menu, navigate to the Control Panel.

• Opt for Windows Update and then proceed to Check for Updates to see if there are any updates available.

• Click on Install Now to begin the installation of any necessary updates.

• Wait till the update process completes.

• Try launching QuickBooks again after restarting your computer.

Method 2: Restart the QuickBooks Database Service

Usually, QuickBooks issues that relate to a multi-user mode can be sorted out by restarting the Database Server manager. Check out the following steps to restart the service related to the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. This method should aid in resolving Error code 193: 0xc1.

• Hit on Windows + R keys on your keyboard, and then type services.msc.

• Next, press the Enter key to look in the list of services for the QuickBooks Database service, namely- "QuickBooksDBXX."

• You are now required to restart this service. For that, right-click on it and then choose the Restart option.

• Now, re-launch QuickBooks and go ahead with your usual operations to check if the error 193: 0xc1 *** fixed.

If you face any difficulties, you can instantly get in touch with our professionals to mend the QuickBooks error 193: 0xc1. Our QuickBooks POS error support experts will give you a variety of options to quickly fix your issue.

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