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Ayushman Hospital Dwarka Sector 10
13:49, 06.10.2022
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Ayushman Hospital Dwarka Sector 10 provides world-class healthcare services at affordable prices, and backed by our impeccable track record of continually providing outstanding medical services and facilities to the people of Delhi, in particular the South- West Delhi region, for the last 17+ years. Ayushman Hospital provides advanced services at the most affordable prices, costing as little. As many people as possible. At Ayushman Hospital, we are extremely passionate about delivering apex standards of healthcare at competitive, accessible and affordable prices. Beyond the basic specialties of medicine and surgery, the hospital offers additional specialty services such as cardiology, nephrology, neuroscience, gastroenterology, and joint replacement. We are constantly making progress and have succeeded in building excellent research bases in the fields of orthopedics, gynecology, obstetrics and in vitro fertilization.

We always strive to create a patient-friendly and safe environment, and all our practices are NABH and JCI accredited and licensed. Quality control of the healthcare process is critical for healthcare providers regarding providing patient care. For this reason, the entire Ayushman team has been trained according to best practices and standards to better understand their responsibilities towards those in need. At Ayushman Hospital & Health Services, we fundamentally believe in working at the grassroots level for the health and economic benefit of our patients and their families. We always adhere to the basic principle of accessibility. Providing the highest standards of affordable advanced healthcare for all.

Our work:

  • We apply the latest technology and medical advances to deliver quality healthcare while achieving high levels of success and setting the standard of professional excellence.

  • We employ the most talented, experienced and certified medical professionals, doctors, surgeons, laboratory technicians, nurses, nutritionists and other highly valued individuals.

  • We guarantee the best care through integrity and ethical practices. Raising the bar for patient care through research and education.

  • Compliance with national and global health standards.


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H. No. 133, Room No. 208, behind BSES Rajdhani Power Station, Katwaria Sarai, Delhi 110016

Contact number: +91-8448879134

Email id: info@vinsfertility.covinsfertility.com

Web: https://www.vinsfertility.com/

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