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Procedure for getting rid of QuickBooks Error 6143
13:30, 07.10.2022
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While accessing the company file or carrying out any other action involving the company file, QuickBooks users may stumble across error 6143. The QuickBooks Error code 6143 is one such error that appears as a result of issues in the company file.

There are various ways of rooting out QuickBooks error message 6143 out of your system. These are well elaborated in this section.

Procedure 1: Delete Spaces the File Name of the company

  • Log off and close QuickBooks from each network workstation and server.
  • On the server, where the QuickBooks company file is saved, open the installation folder for QuickBooks.
  • The file is typically found in the folder C: /Users/ Public/ Public Documents/ Intuit/ QuickBooks/ Company Files.
  • Click on Rename after right-clicking the company file.
  • Now eliminate any spaces from the company file extension and name.
  • Open QuickBooks and carry out the action that first caused the error.
  • Continue to the next troubleshooting step if you are still receiving the QuickBooks Error message 6143.

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Procedure 2: End all QuickBooks processes

Close any QuickBooks processes that might conflict with the program's ability to open the company file. You must log in as the system administrator in order to continue with the solution, and then concurrently press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to bring up the task manager.

Next, choose the Users tab so that you can display processes for each user. Try the next remedy, nevertheless, if you still see the error.

Procedure 3: Move the Company File to Desktop

It is advised that you copy your company files and transfer the same to a new folder on the Desktop. Follow the below steps for the same:

  • Locate the file by opening the folder holding the company file.
  • Next, right-click the file and choose Copy from the drop-down menu that appears. Then, go to the Desktop and paste the copied file there. Finally, try to access the company file from the Desktop to see if the folder holding it is damaged.

Summing Up!

We believe that by now, you should’ve successfully fixed QuickBooks Error 6143 out of your system. For further queries, issues or suggestions, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 QuickBooks error support Team at 1-800-761-1787 for guidance.

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