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Repair QuickBooks Desktop: Easy manual procedure
11:04, 14.10.2022
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Let us first go through the procedure explaining how to repair QuickBooks Desktop. Although the process is quite easy, you should follow the instructions carefully and make sure that you reserve a backup of your crucial QuickBooks files (including the company files) before proceeding with the repair process.

• To start, restart your computer and shut down any other programs that might interfere with QuickBooks.

• Also, as already mentioned, ensure that your company files are backed up.

• Now, launch the Control Panel via the Windows start menu.

• After that, hit on the Programs and Features, and remove any superfluous and unwanted programs/applications from your computer system. This will not only free up the disc space but also get rid of suspicious applications that might be contravening the QuickBooks application.

• Now, choose QuickBooks in the Programs and Features tab, and then click on Uninstall/Change.

• Select Next and Continue.

• Subsequently hit on Repair, and then wait for the repair process to finish.

• To culminate, hit on the Finish button, followed by restarting your computer.

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Автор: John Levi
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