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IVF Centres in Hyderabad — Vinsfertility
13:51, 15.10.2022
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In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

In reality, no test tubes are involved in this process. Mixing sperm and eggs until the egg is fertilized seems simple at first glance, but maintaining it requires tightly controlled laboratory conditions and a skilled embryologist. The candidates selected for implantation into the uterus after a few days of egg fertilized. IVF Centres in Hyderabad — click the link—

What Does IVF Involve?

These hormone injections are self-administered using very shallow injections and your doctor monitors your cycle to ensure that ovulation is triggered at the right time.

Once the embryos obtained grow and develop in vitro under the supervision of an embryologist, the best one or two are transferred from the vagina to the uterus. does not occur when Therefore, the surplus embryos are frozen so that they can be transferred without further hormone therapy. In some cases, implantation can be delayed a few days later so that the embryo reaches advanced stages of development and becomes a blastocyst. This is only offered under certain conditions and our usual policy is to attempt in vitro fertilization using embryos.

What can I expect from my IVF treatment?

IVF is an ongoing process that can be emotionally and physically demanding. To maximise your chances of success, it's important to be healthy before starting your treatment cycle and stay healthy throughout the process.

During these weeks, you will need to visit a fertility centre for testing, consultation and treatment. It is also very important to avoid smoking/alcohol, eat well and stay relaxed so that your body is more susceptible to treatment. Counselling can be provided for IVF patients so they can stay calm and understand their body's response to hormone therapy.

What are the risks of IVF?

One of the most commonly reported risks is multiple pregnancies. For this reason, in the clinic he transfers only 1-2 embryos at a time, and freezes the rest.

There is also a very low risk (1-2%) associated with hormonal drugs that can cause side effects in a very small percentage of women. Ultrasound and hormonal monitoring during treatment ensures that overreactions are monitored and treated before problems occur.


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