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What are the new features in QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus 2022?
15:07, 20.10.2022
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Intuit has come up with QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus 2022, which is a subscription-based model that has come up with new features and improvements. This blog shall make you aware of all the newly incorporated features in QuickBooks desktop mac plus 2022, including the associated information related to this new version.

What is new in QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus 2022?

This new version of QuickBooks comes up with several distinct features that embolden users to opt for it. These are listed as follows:

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Email-related issues fixed

· This version comes up with enhancements in the email forms.

· Error handling has also been updated by the insertion of incorrect email addresses.

· This version also removes the email addresses from Email forms.

· The plethora of crashes encountered while handling emails has been fixed in this QuickBooks version.


The report’s section comes up with a new update, allowing users to collapse the rows in the report.

Receipt Manager

The crashes that occurred upon clicking on the matched item have been sorted out by this new version of QuickBooks.

Revamped Layout Manager

This version has modified the Layout Manager settings by incorporating the status button. This feature assists users by allowing them to Print the Stamp.

Preferences sorted out

· A new ‘Show in finder’ tab has been added up, which contains Preferences and the Attachment Panel.

· No technical issue while opening the Company File

· The errors previously encountered while opening the file have been fixed in QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus 2022.

· In addition to the aforementioned changes, the UI, Toolbar, and Help sections have been updated, and any aberrations involved in them have been rectified.

Let us now wind up this brief blog with the expectation that it apprised you of the various newly added features of QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus 2022. For further assistance or query redressal, you can directly contact our QuickBooks technical support team at the helpline 1 800 761 1787.

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