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How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Code 6143?
15:18, 28.10.2022
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QuickBooks users could run into error 6143 while accessing the company file or doing any other action involving the company file. One such error that manifests as a result of problems in the company file is QuickBooks error code 6143. If basic troubleshooting fails to cure this technical problem, advanced third-party file repair tools may need to be used. This article includes numerous methods to troubleshoot QuickBooks error 6143.

Solutions to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 6143

There are a number of solutions for annihilating QuickBooks error 6143 from your system. This section does a good job of elaborating on them.

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Solution 1: Move the Company File to Desktop

Your company files should be copied and moved to a new folder on the desktop, as indicated. For the same, adhere to the instructions below:

• Open the folder containing the company file to find the file.

Right-click the file again and then select Copy option. The copied file should then be pasted on the Desktop. Finally, check to see if the folder containing the company file is damaged by attempting to open it from the Desktop.

Solution 2: QuickBooks needs to be repaired

• Start by navigating to the Control Panel, and then click the Programs and Features tab.

• Select the Uninstall/change button after selecting QuickBooks. After that, select Repair and wait for the process to be finished.

We conclude hoping that you *** the QuickBooks Error 6143 cleared off your system after following the directions laid down in this article. Please feel free to contact our QuickBooks Technical Team for assistance with any additional questions, concerns, or recommendations. Our team is always available to hear you out.

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