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9x an suong
13:41, 30.01.2023
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9X An Suong project is an apartment complex located at 380 Song Hanh Street, Hoc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City. The project is invested and developed by Hung Thinh Corporation. 9X An Suong apartment area has a scale of 9, 500m², including 2 apartment towers with 25 floors + 1 basement. The project provides the Hoc Mon apartment market with about 800 products, ranging in size from 1-3 bedrooms. The selling price of 9X An Suong apartment is expected to be 1.6 billion / unit and has a flexible payment policy of only 0.5% / month.

9X An Suong project is located on the facade of 380 Song Hanh Street, Hoc Mon Town, Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City. The location of the apartment is located in the central area of the district, near the An Suong overpass (500m) . The location has a fairly developed and synchronous traffic system, the ability to connect to neighboring areas quickly. From the project location, it is possible to quickly connect to major roads such as Truong Chinh, Cong Hoa. In addition, the project also enjoys great resonance from the synchronization of infrastructure and utilities of the Vinhomes Hoc Mon urban area (924ha) .

In the future, residents at 9X An Suong apartment building will benefit greatly from Metro line 2 (from An Suong to Ben Thanh - currently in the ground clearance phase) . This provides quick links to future hubs.

Around the project, there are full public utilities from: schools, markets, hospitals, shopping... Typically:

– Schools: Nguyen An Khuong Secondary School, Nguyen An Ninh High School, Ho Thi Bi High School, Ly Thuong Kiet High School, To Ky Middle School
– Market + commercial/shopping center: Aeon Mall Hoc Mon, Co.op Mart, Hoc Mon Wholesale Market, Aeon Mall Tan Phu
– Hospital: Hoc Mon General Hospital, Hoc Mon Medical Center, Xuyen A General Hospital
– Amusement + entertainment area: Hoc Mon kite-flying area, Hoc Mon district children's cultural house, Japanese Kiu fish park, Galaxy cinema, Quang Trung software park, Tan Son Nhat golf course
– Traffic: An Suong bus station, An Suong intersection, Tan Son Nhat airport

9X An Suong Hoc Mon project is invested with a fairly methodical, complete, comfortable and modern internal utility system. The utility area is distributed throughout the project, the green area + water surface space is focused by Hung Thinh investor. Towards a fresh living space and close to nature. Typically: 9X Iconic Zone, shopping area, parking lot, square - community area, The Wealth Waterfall, park, swimming pool, BBQ area, children's playground, gymnasium - sports ground, gym, preschool, community vegetable garden, sky garden, mini supermarket, cafe shop….

9X An Suong Hoc Mon apartment building has a scale of 9, 500m², including 2 25-storey apartment towers + 1 basement. The project provides 800 apartments from 1 to 3 bedrooms to the market, ranging in area from 36 to 92 square meters. The interior is built with a system of utilities and green space between 2 apartment towers creating a green landscape throughout the project. The first floor of the project is designed with multi-purpose shophouses for both living and trading.

The design of 9X An Suong apartment layouts is quite reasonable. Most apartments will have their own loggia and drying yard. Except for the small area apartments, the investor integrated these two parts together. The apartments are guaranteed to be airy, beautiful and square; The elevators are arranged reasonably at 2 U-shaped corners, convenient for residents. The apartments are airy thanks to the skylight designs; At such a "very competitive" price, very few projects can do this.

✅ Area of apartment 9X An Suong Hung Thinh Hoc Mon:

– Studio apartment: 36.95m²
– 1 bedroom+ apartment: 51.37 – 53.38m²
– 2 bedroom apartment: 70.13m²
– 3 bedroom apartment: 92.27m²

– Gypsum ceiling: Vinh Tuong
– Tiles (floor/wall): Viglacera/ Amy Saigon
– Wooden furniture (floor/kitchen cabinet/door): An Cuong
– Elevator: Mitsubishi Electric
– Kitchen equipment (sink/faucet): Malloca
– Bathroom sanitary ware: American Standard
– Wall paint: Nippon Paint/ Dulux
– Switches/sockets/lighting devices: Schneide
– Door lock: Avent Security
– Fire alarm system: Hochiki/ Notifier

More: https://resviet.vn/9x-an-suong/

9x an suong landcape
9x an suong landcape
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