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Gem Sky World Long Thanh Dong Nai
17:45, 22.09.2022
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Gem Sky World has an area of 92.2ha, including types: land plots, townhouses, shophouses, villas and apartments. The project is invested by Ha An (a subsidiary of Dat Xanh) . The project is located in Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province.

Overview of Gem Sky World Green Land

  • Project name: Gem Sky World
  • Location: Residential area of Long Duc commune, Long Thanh district, Dong Nai Scale:
  • Scale: 92.2 hectares, including 6 subdivisions
  • Total product: 4026 products
  • Population size: 16, 000 people
  • Utilities: school, international medical area, 3ha central park, swimming pool, commercial center, ....
  • Legal: private pink book, long-term ownership

Investor Gem Sky World - Ha An

Ha An is a subsidiary of Dat Xanh, with 99.99% of Ha An shares held by Dat Xanh. Currently, Ha An has implemented a number of outstanding projects such as: Gem Sky World, Opal Boulevard - Pham Van Dong, Opal Skyline.

Location of Gem Sky World Long Thanh urban area project

Gem Sky World is located in front of Long Duc - Loc An street (32m expansion plan) . Convenient location with many existing routes. In addition, in the future, the project location will also welcome many key infrastructure projects of the region such as Long Thanh international airport. h, Bien Hoa - Vung Tau Expressway, Highway 51 expansion project,

The project location is planned to become an airport satellite urban area, near the project are the parliament building, university village and many industrial - high-tech zones. Around the project, there are full public utilities such as schools, hospitals, markets - commercial centers... to ensure that the needs of residents are met.

Project site of Gem Sky World urban area

Gem Sky World has a scale of 92.2 hectares, divided into 6 subdivisions. Including 4022 products: land plots, townhouses, shophouses, villas, apartments. Utilities are built alternately between subdivisions throughout the project, the green area is focused by the investor with many small parks in each subdivision.

Along major roads, investors organize mainly pre-built shophouses, diversifying investment types and providing many commercial and service facilities for residents later. Along the roads, the investor develops rows of very fresh green trees, bringing a living space that is both modern and environmentally friendly.

Types of product area

  • Land plot: 100 m2
  • Shophouse (34m frontage): 120 m2
  • Ready-built townhouses: 5x20m, 6x20m
  • Duplex Villa: 170 m2
  • Single villa: 300 m2

Internal utilities of Gem Sky World Long Thanh project

The project is equipped with all the facilities of a closed residential area. Full from basic to essential needs of residents. Typically: commercial center, medical center, international school system, many functional parks, central entertainment area of 3ha, commercial shophouse row with many types of business - buying and selling .

Selling price of Gem Sky World

Update the selling price according to the latest product type:

  • Land plot: 3.5 billion/lot
  • Townhouses: 5-6 billion/unit
  • Shophouse: the lowest from 9 billion / unit

* Ready-built townhouses and shophouses are completely handed over to the outside and delivered raw inside. Currently, there is an actual model house at the project, customers can register to visit right on weekdays.

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Gem Sky World Long Thanh Dong Nai
Gem Sky World Long Thanh Dong Nai
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