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How to Monitor The Web Browsing History of Your Kids' Phones?
16:48, 28.09.2022
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Kids are exposed to explicit sites that can lead them to scammers, and you can lose your credit card details. The web browsing history will be your door to enter your kid's social world. According to "USA Today, " 70% of parents monitor browsing history. You can save your bank accounts and their innocence. The majority of websites violate moral content, and once your child is exposed to it, there might be a chance they will get addicted to it. Monitor their web browsing and get yourself updated with each search.

Do You Know How to Monitor the Web Browsing History?

Let us make your life easier by telling you about the two ways of monitoring web browsing history.

You can easily view someone's browsing history without a single penny. You can do it by getting access to their Google search history. This way has an ambiguity in it as your kid will not let you know his phone password. This factor will not turn‌ the free version of Google into a complete spy app for web browsing history. But, it has vague results.

Free Option:

● You need to unlock the device of the target person

● Go to Google; you will see the "options" click on it

● Go to settings, which will lead to account and privacy option

● My activity option is in front of you

● See the search history

These steps belong to Android users only. Now how can iPhone users access it? The answer is very simple

● Go to Google, click on the setting option

● Go to the history option, and my activity is here for you

Paid Option:

TheWiSpy is the best-paid option for spying. It makes you not only to view their browser history but enables you to view their live activities. The moment the kid any browser, it will give you an alert notification, and you are ready to see your kid's world. TheWiSpy is the best Parental control for Android cell phones as it is currently unavailable for iPhone users. You can learn about the detailed web history version with the date and time. Isn't it exciting that you can view at what date your kid opens which web browser and for how long? It will enable you to view if they are watching adult stuff at bedtime.

How Can You Access to TheWiSpy?

● Have a good internet

● Go to the website "TheWiSpy

● Select your desired package

● Start your spying journey

● Get it, install it on your kid's phone

TheWiSpy is leading the market due to its all-rounder features. One app will allow you to view call logs, social media apps, messages, and browser history. You can block the browser of your choice. Trace the location through a GPS tracker and learn about email by Gmail tracker. If you are in a meeting or at a party, your web browsing history will be stored for you. View it in your spare time.

How Is Paid Method Better Than the Free One?

Teenagers are more aware of technological trends. Therefore, they can act smart with you. They can change the password of their mobile once they get to know you are spying on them. They can also use incognito mode or VPN. What will you do to observe their activities? All you are left with is to invest a few dollars and hold your kid's future in your hand. Do you think a few dollars are more than your kid's future?

TheWiSpy is a remarkable spy app for web browsing history. It is a parental, employee, and spouse monitoring app simultaneously. You know about the bounce point. The intended person will never know about your presence as it works in stealth mode. Explore the world of TheWiSpy and make yourself a detective with it.

Final Thoughts

Assist yourself with TheWiSpy for just $5.99 for six months. Monitor your kid's web browsing history and phone applications. Act smart by choosing the right choice because you are the parent and hold a bag of responsibilities. Now it's up to you to get a free or paid version.

Wait! What are you waiting for? Get a flat 40% discount on TheWiSpy with a free demo.
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