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Natural Fidora oils and their beneficial effect
16:32, 04.10.2019

In addition to hair health, essential oils offer many other health benefits. Essential oils help reduce stress, enhance overall energy and mood, boost memory, and speed up the overall healing process of the body. Here are some of the essential oils and their health benefits:

Eucalyptus oil – Breathing in eucalyptus oil can help relieve stuffy nose and head pressure in people with sinusitis.
Ginger oil – Inhaling ginger oil alleviates nausea or queasiness.
Lavender oil – Lavender oil increases brain alpha waves linked to relaxation and deep sleep, promoting better sleep. It also helps ease premenstrual symptoms and relieve pain.
Peppermint oil – Smelling peppermint oil helps increase alertness, boost energy and performance. Rubbing it into your temples relieve headaches.
Sweet orange oil – The scent of sweet orange can help relieve anxiety.
Tea tree oil – Tea tree oil contains antifungal, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties that can help fight infections. Combining it with a carrier oil can help treat athlete’s foot, acne, and dandruff. It can also be used by adding a couple of drops to your shampoo.

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