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When creating jewelry with jewelry stones, the stone itself is determining. In most cases, the process is concentrated around the gem due to its exceptional rarity, unique character, or non-standard shape or size.

In the case of rare gemstones, jewelers focus on the features of the stone. Usually, the goal is simplicity – to draw attention to the stone itself. It is possible to use elements of style and symmetrical solutions, but the main thing is that a rare gem should be the most important element of the product.

When unusual stones or asymmetric shapes are used, the design process becomes somewhat less limited. The free, living form of the stone often dictates the style. Often the shape or size of the stone determines whether it will be worn in a ring, on the neck, wrist or like a brooch. Most jewelers believe that gems of arbitrary shape dictate the shape of the jewelry, and the artist gives it a mood.


Gemstones are a generous gift of nature. Diamonds are considered to be precious stones, "raw" and processed pearls, rubies, emeralds, sapphires. Some amber formations are gemstones.

How is a diamond born? The hardest mineral known to man, diamond, falls into the hands of the master for processing. After a thorough and complex process, the diamond gets a pronounced shape, emphasizing its brilliance. The diamond is ready!

Jewelry with diamonds is extremely difficult to manufacture, hard work takes a lot of time.

Of course, everything is not limited to diamonds. Pleasing to the eye is a scattering of pearls and many other pieces of jewelry.

Sarkissian Luxury Studio is ready to make your craziest and most wonderful dreams come true. We offer a full service of jewelry design all over the world. Welcome to our creative world!

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