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What Do You Need To Learn Russian Online?
18:11, 22.05.2020

Many people who want to learn Russian have some problems with it, especially in the beginning of this difficult path. In order to make a process of studding easier, you have to know what exactly you need to have to learn Russian. There are 10 most important things that you should have to enjoy learning.

1. Good teacher or courses. It will be better to have a native speaker as a tutor. Because the Russian language is really difficult and it's so unusual for most foreign people. That's why native speaker gives you more chances to master Russian. Learning without any help of other people definitely won't give brilliant results. You can find a teacher at Tutors here are always glad to welcome new students.

2. High quality of the Internet. This is a very important point of our list. If you have Russian online, you need to be sure that the Internet suddenly won't disappear.

3. Webcam. How are you going to look at the teacher if you don't have a camera? Russian pronunciation is unusual and difficult for most foreign people. If you are keen on mastering it, you need to look at the teacher all the time.

4. Microphone. Make sure that you have good microphone and it works well. Your tutor should hear you well enough to spot and fix your mistakes.

5. Motivation. First of all, ask yourself "Why do I need it?" If you have essential reasons, you probably won't have any problems with it. But what if you start learning and give up after a month and it happens again and again? Make your own motivation system. For example, you can buy something that you can hardly ever afford after each lesson or something like that.

6. To be confident. Don't be shy to try to speak Russian, even if you don't know some rules or words. And don't be afraid to make mistakes! Everyone makes mistakes while learning and it's integral part of a studying process.

7. Free space. If you study Russian online, it's better to have your own room where no one will distract you from work. Because you have to be concentrated and attentive.

8. Skype. Make sure that you have necessary software to contact your teacher. And check out in advance if everything works correctly. Skype isn't necessarily the only program to use. It can be Zoom, Discord or something like that.

9. Book. As a rule, all resources for learning should be provided by your teacher. But your tutor probably won't be able to give you a printed book, that's why you need to buy it or print it out yourself.

10. Enough time. Having only the Russian language courses can't be enough to master language and speak fluently. That's why you need to spend time to improve your skills, for example, watch Russian movies or cartoons, listen to the Russian music, learn extra vocabulary, do home tasks and so on.

Well, if you want to start learning such a beautiful language as Russian, you need to check out availability of all points on the list. It is not a problem to buy a webcam and microphone or upload the program to create all necessary conditions for full-fledged learning. Tutors always are ready to help you or give some advice at online courses with native Russian speakers who acquire advanced English skills.

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