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HireandBuild - Best building contractors in Chennai
11:41, 09.08.2022
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Best Residential Building Contractors In Chennai

Hire and build is a one stop solution for all your construction related needs. If you are searching for residential building contractors in chennai your search ends here. We provide finest quality construction services.

We are one of the top building contractors in Chennai. We provide construction services with 15 years warranty

Hireandbuild Experience:

Track the progress of your house construction through our app

We provide with 200+ quality checks conducted by our site engineers

No hidden or surprise cost during the construction

Refunds when there is a delay in the project

15 years of warranty on super and sub-structure

Typical Experience:

Physically go to the site to track the progress of your construction

No defined checklist and quality checks done by you

80% chance of hidden costs

Project gets delayed by 6 months on an average and no refunds are provided

No warranty is provided by the contractors on the construction

Trust is not guaranteed. Customer has to verify from his end

Quotations are not well defined and there are lot of grey areas

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