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Spanish Mediterranean on high alert for heavy rainfall
12:05, 16.11.2018

Rain is returning to the Mediterranean region, where nine provinces were put on alert on Thursday for adverse weather conditions. Parts of Valencia are on a red warning due to “very persistent” storms that are expected to deliver 180 millimeters of rainfall in the space of 12 hours, according to forecasts from the Spanish national weather service, AEMET.

The provinces of Alicante and Castellón have been put on an orange weather alert, with 40mm of rain expected to fall in one hour in some coastal communities. Further south, the Murcia region is also on orange alert for heavy rainfall in parts of Campo de Cartagena, Mazarrón, Guadalentín Valley, Lorca and Águilas, where experts are forecasting 30mm of rainfall in one hour.

The Andalusian province of Almería and the island of Mallorca are on a yellow warning for accumulated rainfall of 20mm in one hour.

Spanish Mediterranean on high alert for heavy rainfall
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