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About agency news agency was founded in 2011. It is a part of Social Media Internet Holding (Social Media LLC). news agency is an independent medium and it deals in preparation, publication and spread of informative, analytical and investigatory materials.


The official website of the news agency which follows the link, was registered and set up in 2011.
The first material was put on the website on June 15, 2011.
The trial version of the website was available from June 15 to July 31, 2011.
Starting from August 1, 2011 the full version of the website was set up.

The website is available in Armenian, transliterated Armenian (only for the mobile version), Russian, English and Turkish. is the only news agency in Armenia which provides the transliterated variants of the materials. It is meant for our compatriots in diaspora who cannot read in Armenian but they speak the language.

The website has the following versions:

1) Computer:

2) Mobile:

3) App versions.


The website has the following structure and sections:
1) News Feed – daily news is introduced here which includes news from all the sections.
2) Video News Feed – only video news of the website and from partner media is presented here.
3) Main – the main news of the day is presented here.
4) Breaking news–the breaking news of the day is presented here.
5) Sections (by different fields) – all the materials are attached to fields, the latter, on their turn, are introduced by the sections of the fields. The existing sections of the website are: Events, Interviews, What we eat, wear and watch, City talks, Interesting, International, Paper forecast, Internet, Open Letter, Surveys, Caricatures, Humor, Official, Politics, Society, Healthcare, Economy, Education, Science, Culture, For Kids, Sport, Emergency, Show Business, Flora and Fauna, Cars, 18+.
6) Discussions – this is an innovative section and is the only one in Armenia and in the world by its nature. In this section every material attached is accompanied by the opinions expressed on the topic by famous or not famous people. Moreover, a simple way of introduction is processed with the help of which the reader easily gets acquainted with those opinions.
7) Most Read – the most read materials during the latest 7 days are introduced here.
8) Radio – there is a page of radio channels in the website, where you can listen to the most popular radio channels of Armenia and the world by one click (first in Armenia).
9) TV – there is a TV page in the website where you can watch the most popular Armenian and World TV channels by one click (first in Armenia).
10) Media forecast – News feed from partner media through RSS feed is introduced here (first in Armenia).
11) Complaints book – in this section anyone can express his/her dissatisfaction about social, economical and other issues. Those complaints are studied and if necessary processed by our journalists.
12) Weather Forecast – this section includes weather forecast from all the marzes of Armenia, marz centers and Artsakh for the moment and the following days. Weather forecast is updated every 30 minutes.
13) Information – this section includes information on the website, the Right Holder and other information.
14) news feed in your website – in this section you can have the necessary tools for providing news feed appropriate for your website, put in your website and add the visits of your website.

Social Websites

The website has official pages in the most popular social websites.
1) Facebook – Armenian, Russian, English, Turkish,
2) Instagram – Armenian,
3) Twitter – Armenian,
4) YouTube – Armenian,
5) Telegram – Armenian, Russian,
6) TikTok – Armenian,
7) Odnoklassniki – Armenian,
8) VKontakte – Armenian, Russian,
9) RSS feed – Armenian, Russian, English, Turkish.

Address: Republic of Armenia, Yerevan city, Charents 1.


Tel. +374 (10) 55-20-59



Tel. +374 (91) 99-22-02


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