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The woman tried to give birth according to the instruction from YouTube and died
00:00, 13.03.2019

In India passed away on the 26-year-old woman attempted to give birth at home, following the recommendations on YouTube. As reported by Hindustan Times, the child died with the mother.

The incident occurred in the city Belandur, in the North-West of the country. The police asked the landlord. Neighbors told him that the room in which she lived pregnant, bleeding.
The owner broke down the door and found the woman and the newborn boy dead. Near the bodies lay scissors, blades and thread. Last video watched with her smartphone, was the instructions on YouTube independent genera. This gave the police reason to believe that the girl was trying to give birth, with the aid of rollers.

The cops suggest that the mother did not go to the hospital because he feared the stigma of an unmarried mother. Her parents confirmed that her daughter indeed no one was in official relations.

Pregnant rented a house for four days before giving birth. She told the owner of the room, to get her to the hospital to help the mother.

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