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Sen. Menendez Calls for Immediate Passage of Armenian Genocide Resolution, Turkey Sanctions
12:10, 08.11.2019

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member Bob Menendez (D-NJ) offered a scathing indictment of Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s escalating repression at home and aggression abroad in a 15-minute Senate floor speech during which he called for immediate Senate passage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution (S.Res.150) and Senate consideration of far-reaching sanctions over Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria.

“Today, I would like to lay out a fact pattern that so many of my colleagues have come to see in recent weeks – that Turkey under Erdogan should not, Turkey under Erdogan cannot be seen as an ally,” stated Senator Menendez, who cited Turkey’s invasion of northern Cyprus, ongoing belligerence in the Eastern Mediterranean against Greece, the 2017 Erdogan-ordered attacks against peaceful protesters in Washington, DC among that government’s many acts of aggression.

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11:15, 08.12.2019
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