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Australia will take 100 years to recover from bush fires
16:30, 15.01.2020

Australia will take a century to recover from the devastating bush fires - and smoke from the massive infernos will be seen all over the world, experts say.

Hundreds of fires have raged across the country, leaving at least 28 people dead, destroying more than 2,000 homes and killing scores of animals.

Nasa said plumes from the blazes are expected "to make at least one full circuit around the globe".

The space agency said smoke from fires around New Year's Day has already been seen in South America, turning skies "hazy".

It added that skies in New Zealand had "dramatically changed colour", causing "severe air quality issues".

By January 8, the smoke had moved "halfway around the world", according to the BBC.

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19:10, 14.02.2020
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