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One report finds that #cryptocurrency crime losses doubled with more than $ 4.5 billion in 2019
17:35, 12.02.2020

Cryptocurrency crime losses increased to $ 4.52 billion last year, as insider stealing skyrocketed even when piracy losses declined, according to a report by blockchain company CipherTrace as seen by Reuters.Last year's losses increased almost 160% from the total of $ 1.74 billion in 2018.Blockchain, which first emerged as the system that feeds bitcoin, is a shared database maintained by a computer network.Losses of cryptocurrency users and investors due to fraud and misappropriation in 2019 increased more than five times, while hackers and robberies fell 66%, according to the report.
Since the launch of Bitcoin more than 10 years ago, governments and regulators around the world have dealt with the opacity and lack of transparency in the cryptocurrency market that has led to massive losses for investors.

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