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Laughing building super ignores man's complaints that blood is pouring through his ceiling - until a body is found in apartment upstairs
19:45, 21.02.2020

A tenant has told how a laughing super dismissed his complaints about gallons of blood pouring through the ceiling of his apartment as 'not my problem'.

Adam Hockett, a US soldier living in Winnipeg, Canada, was horrified to find the blood pouring through his bathroom ceiling, soaking his possessions and filling his apartment with an overpowering stench.

But his building management were indifferent to his predicament, openly mocking him when he complained - until a dead body was found in the apartment upstairs.

Mr Hockett's upstairs neighbour had died several days before and the blood was oozing through the walls.

After the body was found the next morning - and Hockett posted images of the blood on social media - the building management Sussex Realty finally agreed to clean it up.

The soldier said he spoke to a supervisor late at night on a Saturday who mocked him and his problem.

Hockett said in his Facebook post: 'I explained how my bathroom was covered in blood and that I had no access to my facilities. And that my suite was overwhelmed by the smell of the deceased and all of the blood in my suite.

'He kept talking in circles, refused to give me anyone else to contact, and kept telling me just contact your insurance it is not my problem. Or wait till Tuesday.

'I asked him to please stop being so condescending and listen. But the supervisor just mocked me several times.

'I explained to him that not only is it not feasible to live in that suite for 3 more days, without access to a washroom and just how unsanitary it was. I said it’s traumatic and is bringing back issues I had from being on scene when we lost a soldier in a very tragic accident 6 months ago.

'His response was this. “You are a veteran, you should be used to this kind of stuff”. I asked him if he was serious. He said “call your vets up, they can find you a place to stay. This isn’t my problem.”

Hockett said he knew immediately it was blood dripping through his bathroom ceiling when he got home on Saturday night.

He and the apartment block caretaker raced upstairs to check on his neighbor and called 911 when there was no response. Police and paramedics found his body in the bathroom after sawing through the chain lock on the front door.

Hockett said: ''And based on observations and opinion of the paramedics. He had been deceased several days.'

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