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Levon Aronian: Now I'm back to work and life
10:35, 01.07.2020

Levon Aronian wrote on his facebook page: "Hey y'all! It's been awhile but now I'm back to work and life!

As many of you , I am getting used to be working remotely. It's not ideal, but a lot of time can be saved.

Other news are - I cooked so much lately that I finally started making edible dishes (smile) !

As usual listened to heaps of music , rediscovered some artists. Highly recommended
In classical music - Maria Grinberg and Tatiana Nikolayeva and in vocal jazz - Andy Bey.

I'm mostly spending my days in Yerevan, sometimes I get out to nature with friends.

Being unable to exercise due to quarantine is a bit annoying. So far, just doing free weights and some basic things at home with Ponchik.

Sharing some fun pictures for your leasure!".

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