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#Instagram offered bloggers from #TikTok money to switch to its new platform #InstagramReels
01:05, 30.07.2020

Instagram, a Facebook-owned social network, has offered cash rewards to famous bloggers of the Chinese app TikTok for attracting their subscribers to a new service called Instagram Reels, according to the WSJ.According to sources, some of the users who are subscribed to by millions of people can get "hundreds of thousands of dollars" for switching to Instagram Reels and attracting their audience to this service.Instagram representative Sarissa thrower said That the company did address several prominent bloggers, but did not tell about any specific offers and possible payments. Users of which services were contacted by the management of the social network are also not specified. Thrower added that Instagram "remains ready to invest in authors (we are talking about popular bloggers with a large audience) and their experience."

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