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Biden will present his plan to fight COVID-19. He will oblige all state residents to wear masks
03:10, 10.11.2020

Former Vice President of the United States, Democrat Joe Biden intends to introduce a nationwide mask regime in the United States immediately after taking the presidency, Fox News reported on November 9.
Biden wants to oblige residents of each state to wear masks, with the support of governors. If any of them refuse to take such a step, Biden intends to negotiate such a regime with the districts separately.
Biden is expected to review a seven-point plan on Monday, November 9, detailing measures to tackle the coronavirus, including intensive testing and securing supplies of personal protective equipment and investing in vaccine production.
The United States ranks first in the world in the number of cases of COVID-19. According to Johns Hopkins University on the morning of November 9, more than 9.8 million cases were registered in the United States. Already 237.5 thousand people have died in the United States from COVID-19, and almost 3.9 million patients have recovered.

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