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One dead, multiple injured in shooting at North Carolina Baptist church
15:05, 09.11.2020

One person has been killed and multiple injured at a shooting at a Baptist church in the US state of North Carolina.
Emergency services were called to the Living Water Baptist Church at High Point, NC, at around 3.30pm local time. High Point Police have since confirmed a "criminal homicide" at 1300 Brentwood Street, High Point.
Officers found one man dead when they arrived at the scene, as well as "a few other" people with minor injuries.
Local media say a shooting took place. Further details on the victims or the perpetrator are unclear at the time of writing.
“High Point Police Department remains diligent and focused on identifying those persons involved in criminal activity in High Point and holding them and their associates responsible for their actions,” Fox News reports.
Police added more information would be made available during business hours on Monday.

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