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Historical and Cultural Reserve “Amberd Fortress” will resume its work on the 1st of May
03:32, 01.05.2021 |
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Dear visitors, the staff of the reserve is waiting for you with love.
The entrance tickets for the reserve will be sold on Sundays after 13:00 according to order N445-A of April 28 Ara Tarverdyan, the director of “Historical-Cultural Reserve-Museums and Historical Environment Protection Service” SNCO.
That is, on Sundays /in the morning/ the believers can enter the territory of the reserve free of charge and participate in the worship service in St Katoghike Vahramashen Church. Visitors who will go to Amberd after 13:00 must pay for the entrance ticket.
Let us remind you that the cost of the ticket for the citizens of the Republic of Armenia is 700, for the citizens of EEU member states is 700, for the foreigners is 1400, for the school-age children is 100, the cost of the explanation ticket /excursion/ in Armenian is 2000, the cost of the explanation ticket in a foreign language is 400 AMD.

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