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Winston Churchill painting sells for £1.8m
21:10, 25.06.2021 |
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A painting by former British prime minister Winston Churchill that was gifted to Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis sold for $1.85 million (€1.55m) at a Phillips auction in New York.
'The Moat, Breccles', a signed 1921 oil landscape, went for within its pre-sale estimate price of between $1.5m and $2m.
The sale was far less than the $11.6m netted by another Churchill painting sold by Angelina Jolie at Christie's last March.
Despite failing to shatter records, the landscape which Churchill mentioned in a December 1921 essay titled 'Painting as a Pastime' - appealed to both history and celebrity buffs.
Churchill kept the painting for 40 years before offering it in 1961, four years before his death, to his friend Onassis.

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