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Cocktails for pets and people, now being served at a new bar
22:12, 01.08.2021
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A new bar is mixing things up in London by not only serving up drinks to humans but to their pets as well.

‘After Bark’ mixes up dog-friendly ‘puptails’ like the ‘Howlapaw Sling’ or the ‘Great Expawlor.”

Each dog-friendly drink is made with fruit and vegetable juices and is 100% alcohol-free.

The founder said she wanted to create a place where pet owners and their pups could enjoy treats together.

“When you are a dog carer, dog parent, you do feel quite bad if you leave them alone and especially with problems at the moment with separation anxiety being an issue for people who welcomed dogs into their lives in the middle of the pandemic and those dogs aren’t used to being separated from their parents,” said Jamie Swan, After Bark founder.

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