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Ishkhan Saghatelyan has been sent to ''check things out''. ''Hraparak''
09:18, 08.09.2021
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''Hraparak'' writes. ''The biggest parliamentary opposition is also getting ready for the hot autumn and the elections of local self government bodies; as a result of discussions within the alliance ''Armenia'' it has been decided to trust the issue of the systematization of the elections of local self government bodies to Ishkhan Saghatelyan, a deputy from ''Armenian Revolutionary Federation'' party and a deputy speaker in the National Assembly. The alliance delegated him the responsibilities of making visits to marzes, meeting the party asset and supporters, making predictions on their mood.
Simply speaking, ''to check things out'', after which they will discuss everything and make decisions on whose candidacy to propose and where. We have been informed from the alliance, that they will take part in the elections of local self government bodies not in the lists of ARF, but the ones of the alliance. Two days before Saghatelyan has been in Shirak marz, he will visit other marzs these days. As for the candidate for the mayor of Gyumri, there is not any decision yet, it is likely that one of the figures responsible in the Gyumri headquarters of the alliance will be proposed as a candidate.
More details in the newpaper.

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