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''Ten percent of the deputies from our parliamentary group are arrested''. Ishkhan Saghatelyan
12:48, 09.09.2021
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Doctor and MP Armen Charchyan has again been moved from the detention centre to ''Kanaker-Zeytun'' medical centre. Deputies from the parliamentary group ''Armenia'' are visiting him now. ''Both the lawyers, and the doctors tell that his health condition is incompatible with detention; this is a torturing from the side of today’s political authorities, a political repression not only towards Mr. Charchyan, but also other deputies, other supporters of ours'', Ishkhan Saghatelyan said. ''Apparently, 10 percent of deputies from our parliamentary group has been arrested for false, fake accusations, as well as with rude violations of the Constitution'', the deputy speaker of the National Assembly added.

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12:48, 01.10.2021
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