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Khachatryan on the amount transferred to his wife’s account number and the undeclared apartment
12:24, 10.09.2021
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Sasoun Khachatryan, a candidate for the chairman of the Anti-corruption committee, Head of the RA Special Investigation Service, was asked questions on the wealth of his family members, including his wife’s money transfers, property and other physical assets.
Khachatryan presented details on the reason why his wife received more than 2 milion AMD and 1600 USD on her account, mentioning that the transfer was made for his daughter’s necessities who is in Europe for education.
There was also a question on why it had not been mentioned in his wife’s declaration that she is a co-owner of an apartment. Kachatryan joked in answer: ''As far as I can see, all the issues are from my wife''.
He made it clear that his wife Lilith Khachatryan’s parents live in a small apartment of 50-60 square km of a multifamily residential in Erebouni administrative district. And when years ago they received a property ownership certificate for the apartment, his wife had her share from it the same way as the other family members did.
Referring to the question on why that very apartment has not been mentioned in the declaration, Khachatryan said ''there has been some confusion''.

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