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Six servicemen were wounded by the attack of the Azerbaijani armed forces in Artsakh, two of them in critical condition
23:30, 14.10.2021
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It is about the Nor Shen community of Artsakh, in the immediate vicinity of which the positions of the Azerbaijani armed forces are located. Attacks were launched in the direction of Harav and several other civilian communities of Artsakh.
I have just talked to Mr. Gegham Stepanyan, the Human Rights Defender of Artsakh, who is currently at the military hospital; we discussed the details.
This is a direct result of the genocidal, fascist policy of the Azerbaijani authorities.
The presence of the Azerbaijani armed forces in the vicinity of Armenian civilian communities poses a serious threat to the security and peace of the civilian people, it is a violation of their right to life.
Given that the positions of the Artsakh Defense Army near Nor Shen and other communities protect the lives and safety of civilians, it is clear that the Azerbaijani armed forces are directly responsible for their criminal actions of harming the health of all wounded soldiers.
Arman Tatoyan
The Human Rights Defender of Armenia

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