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After the warnings of Meteorology, severe storms were effective in many provinces
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A powerful storm hit Istanbul and other parts of Turkey on Monday, killing at least four people and wreaking havoc in a city of 15 million people.

The victims included a woman who died in Istanbul’s Esenyurt district, where a gust of strong wind ripped off part of a roof and fell on her and her child, the state-run Anadolu Agency said. The child narrowly escaped from the injury.

Istanbul’s governor’s office said three other people, including a foreign national, were killed in the city. It said 19 people were injured, including three who are in critical condition.
Television pictures showed the storm toppled a bell tower. According to the municipality of Istanbul, the winds blew up 33 roofs, uprooted 192 trees, broke 52 traffic lights and road signs, and damaged 12 cars.

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