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“RASAMANJARI” An Indo-Armenian Gala Live In Concert in Yerevan
03:24, 18.03.2022 |
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“RASAMANJARI", which means Spring Blossom- a Gala Live In Concert will take place on March 31, at 19:00 in the Arno Babajanyan Concert Hall. The concert bearing the symbol of colourful spring will become a reality at the initiative of the Indian Embassy in Armenia, Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO and Indian Cultural Centre Armenia.

The featured artiste of the evening is the internationally acclaimed Australian Armenian musician Peter Davidian, whose roots are from Kolkata, India, but lives in Australia. Peter's family moved to India from Iran, and so he was inspired to learn the Sitar, which he has mastered in the course of time.

During the evening, the musician will present both Indian and Armenian music through the sweet sounds of sitar. The audience remembers Peter Davidian with a concert at the Naregatsi Art Institute two years ago, after which many positive reviews were received.

The rich cultural heritage of India and Armenia will be presented during the concert. Armenian musical instrument Blul player Avag Margaryan will perform musical performances and duets together with Peter Davidian.

The program will also feature Armenian and Indian songs by “Shakti” Dance & Song Group of the Indian Cultural Center, the “Akner” and “Tsirani Tsar” Armenian national song and dance ensembles.

The cultural evening is dedicated to celebrate 75th anniversary of India’s Independence as #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav, 30 years of establishment of diplomatic relationship between India & Armenia and 10th anniversary of Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO as #IAFInAction_10YearsTogether

INDO-ARMENIAN FRIENDSHIP NGO, which is also known as IAF, is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental organisation (NGO) officially registered in Armenia, committed to benchmark INDIA-ARMENIA relationships in the world-map while acting as a connecting “BRIDGE” between India and Armenia to promote people to people connection, strengthen cultural, Socio-economic ties and Trade engagement for a prosperous future with great emphasis on bilateral engagement; To educate Armenians on India and Indians on Armenia.

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