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Armenia premieres its entry song and the official music video for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022
19:30, 19.03.2022 |
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Rosa Linn, Armenia’s representative at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, has just released her entry song “Snap”, together with the official music video.

Rosa says this song is a journey into her inner world, a personal story everyone can relate to: “I think we’ve all been at a snapping point, where it felt like there’s no way out and that the entire world is just crumbling down around you. You start questioning everything, including yourself. I have been there. And what I realized was that I had the strength to shape my reality – it just took getting out of my own way and finding inner-peace. It’s all about self-love and accepting that you are enough. Writing “Snap” was a form of therapy for me and I hope that it can be that for others who are also going through hard times."

“Snap” was written by Rosa Linn, Larzz Principato, Courtney Harrell, Allie Crystal, Tamar Mardirossian Kaprelian. Lyrics by Rosa Linn, Larzz Principato, Courtney Harrell, Allie Crystal, Tamar Mardirossian Kaprelian, Jeremy Dusoulet

Channel One’s music producer Anushik Ter-Ghukasyan says minor adjustments have been made to the initial version of the song composed by Rosa. “Snap” is honest, uplifting and very emotional. That’s because Rosa wrote the song herself and she’s telling her own story. When it comes to production, I am very happy that this year we have an extraordinary team working on “Snap” – from Yerevan all the way to LA.”

The song was produced by Alex Salibian, Ethan Schneiderman, Larzz Principato, Ben Samama, Lilith Navasardyan (Armenia). Mixing and mastering was done by Grammy winner Tony Maseratti, who collaborated with Aretha Franklin, Beyoncé, Sia, Selena Gomez, Sher, Lady Gaga and other world-famous artists.

“Snap” is a vulnerable, honest, well-crafted pop song,” says Nvak co-founder Tamar Kaprelian. “It will hopefully bring new attention to this up-and-coming generation of Armenian singers, songwriters, and producers.”

The music video was directed by Aramayis Hayrapetyan. “Once I heard “Snap”, I kept thinking that I had to show the artist’s emotions as comprehensibly and correctly as possible. Not leaving the artist in the background was an important precondition for me. We made the video for the purpose of giving the viewers a chance to travel to another, extraordinary reality through artistic and visual solutions,” says Hayrapetyan.

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