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Moldova's ex-president Dodon suspected of treason
12:12, 24.05.2022 |
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Former Moldovan President Igor Dodon is suspected of passive corruption, illicit enrichment, as well as treason, Marianna Kerpek, a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor General's Office, told Sputnik.

The official said earlier in the day that the anti-corruption prosecutor's office of Moldova and employees of the Information and Security Service are conducting searches in the house of the ex-leader, who is suspected of possibly taking a bribe from businessman Vladimir Plahotniuc.

"The searches are part of a case opened on the basis of a reasonable suspicion of committing crimes under Article 324 (passive corruption), Article 181 ... (financing of a political party by a criminal organization), Article 337 (treason) and Article 330 ... (illicit enrichment) of the criminal code of Moldova," Kerpek said.

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