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Japan Airline Ditches Logo Used As Pro-Russia Symbol
20:06, 16.06.2022 |
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Japan's Zipair budget airline has been forced to change its logo with the letter 'Z', which is unfortunately now being linked with Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The symbol shot to controversy worldwide after being spotted on Russian tanks and military uniforms in Ukraine.

Zipair president Shingo Nishida said on Wednesday that the company is ditching the logo to avoid anyone mistakenly thinking his business is in favour of the bloody conflict.

"Some people might feel that way when they see it without any explanation," he told reporters, according to Kyodo News.

Zipair's new logo -- a green, black and white geometric design -- will from Saturday replace the black 'Z' currently on the tail fin of its planes, the reports said.

Zipair, a subsidiary of Japan Airlines, links Narita International Airport near Tokyo with Bangkok, Seoul, Honolulu, Singapore and Los Angeles. The airline was launched in 2020.

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