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''This club and the Eternal City will forever remain in my heart''. Henrikh Mkhitaryan
11:00, 02.07.2022 |
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Dear Giallorossi,
AS Roma is a truly unique club.
From the moment of my arrival to the UEFA Conference League final, your support has been outstanding and something I will always be thankful for!
When I first put the Giallorossi shirt on, my main goal was to bring glory to the club and its fantastic fans - and I’m proud that we've achieved this together in Tirana! It was the best ending I could have hoped for my three years here!
This now concludes my time at AS Roma, so I'd like to thank everyone at the club for the special friendship we’ve built together. A huge thanks also to our coaching staff and particularly to Mr Mourinho for his trust in me, his care and the extraordinary drive he gave me as a player.
I’ve given everything for this club on and off the pitch and couldn’t be more grateful for the special time I’ve spent here.
This club and the Eternal City will forever remain in my heart.
I Love You.
Grazie Roma. DajeRoma

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