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''During the so-called peace time the Armenian side has had more than 120 casualties''. Lilit Galstian
15:00, 05.07.2022 |
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Honorable president, dear colleagues,
Armenia acceded to the OSCE motivated by the goals and purposes of the Organization, as well as by the principles of the UN charter.
We were convinced that our commitment is being shared by all member countries and double standards have no place in an organization with an undeniable reputation.
Regrettably, this reputation was shattered when faced with the reality - the OSCE was unable to condemn the aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan and Turkey and its backed terrorist fighters in the fall of 2020. It remained silent to the racially motivated crimes by Azerbaijan with the use of chemical weapons and cluster munitions against the peaceful population of Nagorno Karabakh.
The November-9 ceasefire stopped the bloodshed in Nagorno Kharabagh, but contrary to the Azerbaijani claims, the conflict is not over. In fact, the security challenges in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh have increased, and are no less important than those in the Eastern Europe.
During the so-called peace time the Armenian side has had more than 120 casualties, Azerbaijan is repeatedly making territorial claims against Armenia, conducting a policy of ethnic cleansing, misappropriation and destruction of cultural and historical monuments, and continuing the aggressive rhetoric and hatred towards Armenia and Armenians.
No one should be under any illusion that the results of the use of force could ever become the basis for sustainable peace. Any agreement under force and against the will of the people cannot guarantee against new confrontations and aggression. The right of an entire nation to life and self-determination cannot be sacrificed to geopolitical or economic interests. It cannot be held hostage to discord between any regional or global actors. Armenians, that have survived the first genocide in the 20th century have vivid memories of the dire consequences of such calculations.
The Co-Chair countries of the OSCE Minsk Group should reaffirm their commitment to resume negotiations on a comprehensive resolution of the conflict based on the principle of self-determination.

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