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NATO members began to collect winter uniforms for Ukrainian soldiers – Spiegel
19:30, 05.09.2022 |
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Ukraine sent a request to NATO with a request to provide winter clothing and winter tents to 200,000 armed forces: in a few weeks it was already possible to close half of the request.

Spiegel reports it.

At the end of July, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov wrote a letter to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, requesting the urgent delivery of winter clothing and winter tents for the armed forces. In particular, these are warm uniforms and winter shoes.

“Within weeks of the request, the United States, Canada, Sweden and Finland had already promised supplies. According to initial reports, a good 50 per cent of the needs mentioned by Ukraine can be covered“NATO told reporters.

Germany also plans to join the process. However, some difficulties can already be noted, as stocks of winter equipment in most countries are mostly reserved for domestic consumption.

“With regard to winter equipment, such as clothing, field materials and food, Germany can make an important contribution to support Ukraine’s defense in the coming winter.”– said the German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht.

NATO offered its members to replace the winter material that had been transferred from the camps. The Alliance has at its disposal a trust fund of approximately $ 40 million for this purpose.

Previously, Kuleba named Ukraine’s three “biggest” priorities in terms of weapons.

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