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Norway will transfer 160 Hellfire missiles to Ukraine
22:36, 08.09.2022 |
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Norway will transfer approximately 160 Hellfire missiles to Ukraine.

This was reported on the website of the Norwegian government.

Together with them, launchers, guidance units and night vision devices will be handed over to Ukraine. This statement was made today by Norwegian Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Gram at a meeting with defense ministers at the Ramstein base in Germany.

Initially, the missiles were purchased for the Norwegian Coast Guard. According to the minister, the missile is easy to control and can be used both against land and sea targets.

Norwayʼs armed forces checked the condition of the missiles before they were sent. Norwegian instructors also conducted training on the use of Hellfire for the Ukrainian military. It is noted that the service life of the Hellfire system is coming to an end, they were planned to be phased out.

The AGM-114 (Hellfire) is an American air-to-ground guided missile that is launched from a closed position without direct visual contact with the target. Guided by a laser beam or other systems. It is used against objects with strong protection: helicopters, combat aircraft, drones, ground vehicles. The basic model of the missile has a range of 8 kilometers and laser guidance.

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