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Arman Tatoyan: Armenia should apply to the International Criminal Court
10:36, 14.09.2022 |
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Armenia should apply to the International Criminal Court, and do so by recognizing the court's jurisdiction. It should be done immediately given the atrocious conditions of the current aggression and mass crimes by Azerbaijan against Armenia.

The President of Azerbaijan, the leaders of the special services and the army should be brought under international criminal responsibility and punished. Their international prosecution will be a deterrent to their ongoing genocidal policy.

Since the issue is one of urgency now, we can recognize the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court at this very moment, and we can subsequently also ratify the statutes of the Court by attending to the necessary and relevant conditions.

Alternatively, we can also recognize the jurisdiction of the court temporarily, but in either scenario, it must be done immediately. There are applicable grounds for this recourse, and the statutes of the court provide for this possibility.

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