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Azerbaijani servicemen sent the photo and video of the killed Armenian soldier to his wife via WhatsApp, published in "Story"
11:06, 26.09.2022 |
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During the last war launched by Azerbaijan against Armenia from September 13 to 15, 2022, Azerbaijani armed servicemen caused mental suffering to the families of the killed Armenian servicemen, apart from physical sufferings.

The Law and Justice Center “Tatoyan" Foundation obtained evidence confirming that the Azerbaijani servicemen killed an RA serviceman, then took his photo and filmed a video, then sent the photo to his wife via WhatsApp, and then published the video and the photo on WhatsApp's "story" section. In the video they sent, there are also other Armenian servicemen who were killed in a group.

The mentioned objective evidence will be given the necessary legal verification by the Foundation.

This criminal act confirms the intention of the Azerbaijani armed servicemen to cause mental suffering to families of victims and Armenian society, to play with emotions.

Similar cases were also recorded during 2016 April war; 2020 44-day war. The approach has not changed; these crimes have become chronic, because atrocities are encouraged by the Azerbaijani authorities, and those who commit them remain unpunished.

This evidence will be properly verified, also sent to international partners: perpetrators of these crimes should be punished

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