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G7 countries threatened Minsk with “crushing costs”
23:42, 05.11.2022 |
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The G7 foreign ministers reiterated their call for Belarus to stop facilitating the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Their joint statement following the meeting, published on the website of the German Foreign Ministry.
“If the Belarusian authorities involve the country in the war in Ukraine more directly, the G7 will impose crushing additional costs on them,” the statement said. Also in the document, representatives of the G7 countries again call on Belarus to stop allowing Russian troops to launch missiles at Ukraine from its territory.
Earlier on Friday, November 4, Lukashenka declared “for the 1200th time” that he has no plans to send the Belarusian military to Ukraine. “We have nothing to do there,” Lukashenka said. At the same time, he added that if the Ukrainians set foot on the territory of Belarus with weapons in their hands, “it won’t be enough.”

Also, representatives of the G7 countries in their statement condemned “Russia’s irresponsible nuclear rhetoric” and promised to continue to impose sanctions against Russia and those who support it in the war.
In addition, delegates announced the creation of a G7 coordination mechanism “to help Ukraine repair, rehabilitate and protect its energy and water infrastructure.” They also confirmed that the G7 countries will continue to provide Ukraine with financial, humanitarian, defense, political, technical and legal assistance.

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