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''I alarm my international colleagues''. Taguhi Tovmasyan
09:36, 05.12.2022 |
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Blocking of the only Artsakh – Armenia highway by the Azerbaijani people is another appearance of Azerbaijan’s ethnic hatred against Armenians, Azerbaijan’s criminal policy of blockade of Artsakh, flagrant violation of fundamental rights of the people of Artsakh. With such a step Azerbaijan seeks to gradually cut off the land connection between two Armenian republics and commit a new Genocide of the people of Artsakh.
I draw my international colleagues’ attention to Azerbaijan’s behavior which is unlawful and violates such basic human rights as the right to life, health, freedom and other universal rights. Closing the only highway to Artsakh, the Azerbaijanis have blocked the medical supplies and other supplies of medicines to Artsakh, patients with serious health problems were not able to reach Armenia from Artsakh for the necessary medical care during all the time.
It is worth mentioning that two days before the mentioned unlawful operations by Azerbaijan, I had drawn the attention of the international institutions to the criminal actions by Azerbaijan, stressed the necessity for imposing sanctions against Azerbaijan which blatantly violates the rights of the Armenians, otherwise Azerbaijan will commit new crimes in the condition of the impunity by the international community.
I alarm my international colleagues: the blocking by Azerbaijan of the only infrastructure connecting Artsakh to Armenia is only the beginning of another crime by Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is going to reach humanitarian disaster in Artsakh in the nearest future in order to carry out its planned programs of a new Genocide against Armenians, to deprive the people of Artsakh of the right to live a peaceful life in their homeland, and to dearmenize Artsakh.
While N. Pashinyan’s Government, which is strongly committed to peace agenda with turkish people, lowering the bar in the Artsakh issue and laying security guarantees and rights under the Armenian concept of NK issue regulation, is stubbornly silent․

Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairs of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, nonpartisan Taguhi Tovmasyan

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