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Estonia plans to close the Gulf of Finland to Russia
18:48, 23.01.2023 |
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The government of Estonia wants to inspect Russian warships and civilian vessels.

Estonia will be able to pursue violators beyond the borders of the territorial sea / photo REUTERS
Government Estonia is going to introduce a coastal “adjacent zone” in the Gulf of Finland, which will allow to block Russian shipping on it.

This makes it possible to check compliance with Estonian law within 24 nautical miles from the starting line of the Estonian territorial sea, stated Head of the Estonian Foreign Ministry, Urmas Reinsalu.

“The contiguous zone is a maritime zone adjacent to the territorial sea, which can be established by domestic law, and where the coastal state has the right to exercise control, as well as to punish for various violations of its legal acts,” explained Oleksandr Lott, a lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the University of Tartu.

According to him, the right of the state in the “adjacent zone” extends to customs and tax issues, as well as sanitary and immigration rules.

Officially, Estonia denies that it is going to introduce a “contiguous zone” to more effectively apply sanctions against Russia. But, according to Lott, this is one of the ulterior motives. At the same time, Estonia will be able to pursue violators beyond the borders of the territorial sea. In fact, this will allow Estonia to inspect Russian warships and civilian vessels that leave the ports of the Leningrad Region and Kronstadt. In case of refusal, a ban on passage through the bay will be possible.

Since the full-scale invasion of Russia, Tallinn has supported Kyiv in every possible way. According to the ratio of military aid to GDP, Estonia became the leader. Armament supplies from the Baltic states to our country exceeded 1% of GDP.

Estonia on January 19 announced a record package of military aid for the Armed Forces It includes dozens of 155-mm and 122-mm howitzers, thousands of artillery shells and more than a hundred Carl-Gustav anti-tank guns.

And a month ago Estonia handed over personal protective equipment for Ukrainian soldiers.

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